Illegal imitations and representations of Process Technology® products in Asia

Process Technology wants to ensure that you purchase a genuine Process Technology product. Counterfeit Process Technology products are being produced by Guangzhou BaoDa Electrothermal Titanium Product Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Precise Heater Co, and its’ subsidiaries. BaoDa Electrothermal and their Sales Director, Sam Leo, also claims to represent Process Technology as its Chinese subsidiary, but this is false representation. There is no link between Process Technology and BaoDa Electrothermal and has never been.

Imitation Process Technology products have been manufactured illegally with the Process Technology label, have been sold or distributed under false representation, and are circulating around the world particularly in the Asia Pacific region. The following are some recent examples of information provided by Process Technology ized distributors/agents:

  • Manufacturers were producing inferior equipment and selling these counterfeits by falsely stating they were our ized distributors/subsidiaries.
  • Unized distributors were selling counterfeits online by illegally representing themselves as our ized distributors/subsidiary or falsely using Process Technology images as their own product images.
  • Our customers had quality problems in their manufacturing processes as a result of using counterfeit products purchased from manufacturers who intentionally promoted the counterfeits as legitimate Process Technology equivalents.

In view of this, we are now enhancing our policing of counterfeit Process Technology products. Accordingly, we have investigated the state of counterfeit distribution/representation in China and will take legal action against such illegal counterfeiters, distributors and subsidiaries.

Customers that use counterfeit products risk malfunction of the end equipment as well as damaging the credibility of their brand. We request that our customers make certain to purchase genuine Process Technology products only through our ized distributors/agents to prevent the use of mistakenly purchased counterfeit products.

If you need help in evaluating suspect products, fill out the form below and we will determine whether your products are genuine.

In addition, we would appreciate your understanding and support with regard to the following requests:

  • Please purchase our products through our ized distributors/agents listed on our website to avoid any counterfeits.
  • Please understand that we will not offer any assurance of quality for products that have not been purchased through our ized distributors/agents.
  • Please contact our ized distributors/agents immediately if any suspicious distributors are selling our products or presenting a letter or email of ization or relationship with Process Technology.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Process Technology®

Below are some indicators of genuine Process Technology products

Pattern of bottom of heater heads

Metal head on the left, PTFE head on the right

Notches in cap, O-ring.

Notches in cap bottom on the surface of the cap, O-ring seals on all heaters.

Process Technology Labels

Genuine labels will have Process Technology USA or our logo.

Serial Number Label

Process Technology serial numbers are located on the side of the head and under the cap.

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